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Gum and mouth disease occurs in 80% of dogs and cats older than 3 years and is also a common problem in rabbits and rodents. As a practice we recognise the importance of oral hygiene as a critical part in preventative health care. At Mulberry Court Veterinary Surgery we have specialist facilities for patients who may need dental treatment.

  • Diagnoses by using digital X-ray images

  • Orthodontics

  • Oral-facial surgery

  • Root canal fillings and treatments

  • Restoration of cavities and damaged teeth

  • Routine scale and polish

  • Treatment of chronic feline gingivostomatitis


Gerhard Putter has a longstanding special interest and skill in dentistry and accepts dentistry and oral surgery referrals.

Dentistry and oral surgery referrals


Gerhard Putter is able to offer second opinion, advanced oral surgery, dentistry diagnosis and treatment at Mulberry Court Veterinary Surgery.

The modern purpose built dental facilities house the latest up-to-date equipment supported by a dedicated dental nursing team.

  • Dentistry and oral facial surgery

  • Dental radiology: For effective diagnosis.

  • Periodontal surgery: To save teeth by treatment of the tooth support structures.

  • Endodontics: Root canal treatment of fractured teeth.

  • Occlusal evaluation and genetic counselling.

  • Orthodontics: Treatment of maloccluding teeth to restore a functional bite.

  • Crown restoration: To restore tooth form and function.

  • Oral surgery: Treatment of tumours, oral-nasal fistulas, wounds and fractures.

  • Exotic species: We are well equipped to treat all exotic species for dental as well as other problems even those without teeth.

  • Training: Basic dentistry skills for veterinary and nursing staff. Guidance on how to make dentistry a profit centre in your practice.